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Sales Enablement as You Scale

You can't grow a business if you don't have repeatable sales execution. Building that sales discipline can be a challenge when you don't have sales enablement resources.

Ascender gives you a way to motivate and enable the sales function in your organization while you concentrate on growing the business.

Level Up Your Sales Team

Sell more and scale your business.

The Challenges We Help Solve

We created Ascender because we saw a need for smaller teams to have an easier way to enable the sales function. Typically, startups don't have robust enablement departments to help train reps and build repeatability in the sales process. So what happens? The pressure falls on leadership to close every deal. 

Ascender gives you a way to motivate and enable the sales function while you concentrate on growing the business. Think of it as a foundational element for establishing smarter sales practices and enabling sales teams to move forward effectively. 

How We Do It

Ascender fills the gap of an enablement leader, providing best-in-class expertise in sales execution, including value-based selling practices, sales qualification, MEDDICC training and ongoing motivation and training for your salespeople to help lighten your load. Our approach is backed by decades of experience training some of the world's fastest-growing software companies. 

You'll improve your team's ability to sell higher  and make sure they're spending time on the deals that matter.

Courses that build a Sales Discipline 

Our curriculum includes basic sales fundamental courses, including:

  • Remote selling

  • Discovery Basics

  • Objection Handling


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Articles, Videos and Podcasts

Ascender gives your salespeople new content, daily. Our articles, videos and podcasts are meant to provide ways to help them improve  when they don't have a lot of time.

The content also provides motivation and sales best practices that they can consume on their own time, when you don't have the bandwidth to teach. 


With a small team, it can be difficult to build that camaraderie that drives bigger companies. Build your own sales bullpen by having your reps join our community. They can ask questions, share ideas and build a rapport with other salespeople who are also trying to make that quarter count. 



Content that Motivates

We publish articles, videos and podcasts regularly to help you with common sales challenges.

Easy-to-consume information to help with deals your team is working on right now. Articles like: 

  • How to ask questions to highlight your solution's differentiation
  • Six ways to test your prospect's decision process
  • What the best salespeople do every day

Curriculum that Empowers

Courses to help train your salespeople on best-in-class sales execution.
 From sales negotiation to becoming MEDDICC certified, we have the training to help give your team an edge.
  • MEDDICC Essentials
  • Create a Compelling Business Case
  • Handling Objections

Community that Engages

No one understands the grind of pushing toward a quota like fellow salespeople.

Ask questions and engage. We're here to be your coach and sounding board. 

  • Live Events - tap into sales experts to ask questions about sales challenges
  • Deal Help - Ask questions about that tough-to-land deal
  • Testing Your Champion - Learn best practices
  • Building Pipeline in a Tight Economy - network and share

A Curriculum Developed by Salespeople, for Salespeople


Benefits for Sales Managers:

Sales Enablement

Ongoing support and real-time training on the latest tactics for long-term impact. 


You’ll receive monthly emails to gain relevant, actionable knowledge to coach your team.

Keep Costs Low

Give your team what they need now, while saving budget for larger enablement programs when the time is right.  

Drive Results

With our proven methodology, improve your team’s sales efficiency and your ability to accurately forecast revenue.

Benefits for Sales Team Members:

A Sales Community

Salespeople can use our community forum to ask questions and get direct feedback from sales pros.


Regularly updated content, including videos, blogs, and podcasts to power selling momentum. 

Best-in-Class Curriculum

Certifications including MEDDICC to drive effective qualification. New courses released quarterly.

Access to Experts

Access to our sales experts to ask questions on sales execution challenges including help on specific deals.  

Enable Your Team

Content curated for your team, on their time. Explore our Small Teams offerings today and offer your salespeople access to an elite sales community.



Foundational Expertise

Ascender is a powerful platform backed by expert sales practices of Force Management that drives vision and outcomes for you – the salesperson. With 20+ years of training excellence in driving sales outcomes for sales teams of major organizations around the world, we know what works – and what doesn’t. Now, those proven methodologies that close deals and drive results are accessible for small teams and individual salespeople. 

Connect with Us

To sign up now, visit our page for small teams. If you have some additional questions, fill out our contact form and our Ascender team will be in touch.