Employer Reimbursement

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Sometimes things are better when others pick up the check.

We know that.

There are salespeople on our platform who are able to get their Ascender subscription reimbursed by their company through professional development funds.

Are you prepared to start that conversation? After all, your success is their success too.

Share with your employer the key benefits Ascender provides salespeople. Check out our list to the right and use our email template to make your ask.



Improve Your Ability to Qualify Deals
  • Earn MEDDICC certification so you can better align to Champions and Economic Buyers in the prospect organization.

  • Take qualification courses so you can spot gaps earlier in the sales process, giving more time to remediate and move the deal forward to close.

  • Learn how to forecast accurately and predict revenue to better assist your management team.
Boost Your Negotiation Skills
  • Learn how to utilize your internal resources when executing a deal through a developed value-based negotiation plan.

  • Take courses on managing customer tactics, ensuring key company priorities are captured in the final deal.

  • Refine your ability to deliver a compelling business case and capture value in the final deal.
Enhance Your Professional Development
  • We will frequently add content and courses so you always have new knowledge to apply to your deals.

  • We have included access to short-form content such as articles, podcasts, and videos in your subscription so you stay on top of your game incrementally.

  • We guarantee fresh content, curriculum, and courses every quarter to enhance the value of your subscription.

Ready to ask for reimbursement?

We've made it simple.

Investing time and money into your sales career outside of work hours benefits you and your company. But we know initiating that conversation can be daunting.

That's why we created a customizable email template to make asking your manager or HR department for reimbursement easy.