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The Elite SellingTM Curriculum

Our strength is in our experience.
The proof is in our results.

A curriculum built by salespeople, for salespeople.

Ascender's Elite SellingTM Curriculum  is rooted in the foundational skills it takes to drive qualified pipeline, advance a sales career and crush the quota.  

Built by salespeople for salespeople, our curriculum focuses on practical lessons that salespeople can apply immediately to their daily selling rhythm. These aren't just a few courses we've thrown together to check a box. Our curriculum helps salespeople build the skills they need to become elite and provides a place where reps can continually improve their skills. 

Elite is EarnedSM

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Put in the Work. See the Results.

A curriculum created for those who want to be elite salespeople.

Browse our curriculum categories below. 

Sales Certifications

Salespeople want to provide proof they can do what they say they can do. That's why we created our sales certification program - a collection of courses around specific sales execution areas. When subscribers complete the courses, they earn a certification badge they can use socially and on their resumes. 

Certifications include: 

Plan to Win

Quota attainment is based on structuring a solid operating rhythm around high-value sales activities. Our Plan to Win series helps salespeople develop their plan to make the plan. This collection of courses help revenue-driving professionals:

  • Create a territory plan to effectively manage their franchise
  • Leverage best practices to build and maintain a healthy pipeline
  • Apply consistent criteria to identify target accounts and improve your account position

This collection of courses will build your awareness and mastery of prospecting skills. Learners who pass the assessment at the end of the series will earn a Prospecting Certification certificate as well as a LinkedIn badge. 

Courses include: 

  • Lead Qualification
  • Effective Email Prospecting
  • Opening Statements
  • Compelling Voicemails
  • Objection Handling
  • Gaining Commitments

Check out the full list of courses for the Prospecting Certification

Drive the Deal

Advancing opportunities throughout the customer engagement process t is part art, part science. This collection of courses helps revenue teams understand how to assess the landscape of an opportunity so they can move it forward. These courses cover things like: 

  • Assessing customer indicators so you know when to move forward
  • Creating Mutual Action Plans
  • Getting the customer to a "Collective Yes", in order to manage the interests of multiple decision-makers
  • Measuring success toward the customer's criteria of a successful implementation. 
MEDDICC Certification - Qualify to Win

This series of courses builds awareness and mastery of the MEDDICC method of opportunity qualification. After passing the end-of-course assessment, learners earn a MEDDICC Certification as well as a LinkedIn badge. 

Courses include: 

  • MEDDICC Essentials
  • Validating Champions
  • Getting to the Economic Buyer
  • Building Champions for Life
  • Managing "No Decision" Deals
  • MEDDICC Throughout the Customer Engagement Process

Check out the full course list.

Build the Business Case through Negotiation

This course collection helps salespeople build the business case throughout the customer engagement process. From discovery to the final stages of negotiation to beyond  initial implementation,  these courses are focused on: 

  • Value props and price justification
  • Value creation and negotiation


A Curriculum that Accelerates Sales Performance


Sales Fundamental Mastery

The skills that drive results

On-demand courses and certifications that teach sales fundamentals and next-level skills needed to increase average deal size and attain quota. These courses come with our Pro subscription and with our Force Management engagements.


More than Just Courses

Ongoing Reinforcement
Our online curriculum comes with live working sessions with our Force Management experts, discussion forums, as well as content updates that focus on  sales best practices.

A Program that Scales

Options as you scale

Whether you're an individual looking for skill help or an organization that wants its sales team to have a place to ramp up fundamental skills, our platform is built to grow with your needs.

Courses that build a Sales Discipline 

Our curriculum includes basic sales fundamental courses, including:

  • Remote selling

  • Discovery Basics

  • Objection Handling


View our Courses

Articles, Videos and Podcasts

Ascender gives your salespeople new content, daily. Our articles, videos and podcasts are meant to provide ways to help them improve  when they don't have a lot of time.

The content also provides motivation and sales best practices that they can consume on their own time, when you don't have the bandwidth to teach. 


With a small team, it can be difficult to build that camaraderie that drives bigger companies. Build your own sales bullpen by having your reps join our community. They can ask questions, share ideas and build a rapport with other salespeople who are also trying to make that quarter count. 


Launching an Initiative for Your Sales Organization?

How Force Management Improves Sales Results

Benefits for Revenue Leaders


Ongoing support and real-time training on the latest tactics for long-term impact. 


A platform to improve adoption of new concepts and a way to drive consistency in enablement among teams. 

Expanded Enablement

Our Force Management experts host live events regularly to reinforce sales executive concepts. They're also regularly answering questions in our community forums. They help provide enablement beyond your management team. 

Dynamic Platform 

Our platform is updated regularly with new content and courses to help keep your teams engaged and motivated. 

Benefits for Revenue-Driving Professionals

A Sales Community

Salespeople can use our community forum to ask questions and get direct feedback from sales pros.


Regularly updated content, including videos, blogs, and podcasts to power selling momentum. 

Best-in-Class Curriculum

Our curriculum is powered by Force Management experts and focuses on practical application. The courses provide additional learning  your instructor-led trainings, providing additional ways for reps to improve and excel. 

Access to Experts

Access to our sales experts in our forums and live events to ask questions on sales execution challenges including help on specific deals.  

Accelerating Sales Performance with Force Management

You have revenue goals. We can help you get there. Ascender is the catalyst to help you drive our methodologies and engage your front-line teams. Contact us to learn more about how we may be able to help you reach your growth goals more efficiently. 


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Foundational Expertise

Ascender is a powerful platform backed by expert sales practices of Force Management that drives vision and outcomes for your team. With 20+ years of training excellence in driving sales outcomes for sales teams of major organizations around the world, we know what works – and what doesn’t. Now, those proven methodologies that close deals and drive results are accessible for your team in our easy-to-use online platform. 

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