What is Ascender?

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A Platform for the Hustle.

Because great doesn't wait.

Elite is earned.

Time to take the stairs. 


Do you have a quota to hit?

You’ve come to the right place.

Ascender brings the experience of Force Management into a subscription-based platform, designed exclusively for driven individuals who want to get better and take control of their own success.

This isn’t about company objectives. It’s about your ambition.  

  • What are your goals?
  • What do you need to succeed?
  • Where do you want to go next?

With routine and relevant content and community access, we can help you get there.


Three Ways to Up Your Game

We offer new content every day to help with the deals you're working on right now, courses to help you advance your career - no matter what company you work for, and access to a community of elite sellers who understand the grind like you do. 



Easy-to-consume, industry-leading information meant for busy salespeople like you. 

  • How to ask questions to highlight your solution's differentiation
  • Six ways to test your prospect's decision process
  • What the best salespeople do



From sales negotiation to creating a better business case to becoming MEDDICC certified, we have the course programs to help give you an edge.
  • MEDDICC Essentials
  • Create a Compelling Business Case
  • Interviewing for Your Next Sales Job




Ask questions and engage. We're here to be your coach and sounding board.

  • Deal Help - Ask questions about that tough-to-land deal
  • Testing Your Champion - Learn best practices
  • Building Pipeline in a Tight Economy - network and share



Our curriculum was created by some of MEDDICC'S first users.

They've been there, done that, and have seen the results. 

Don't overpay for complex training programs. Don't settle for less. 

Great doesn't wait until next quarter. 

Subscribe and get started today.


Those deals aren’t going to close themselves.
What are you waiting for?

Our curriculum is always changing. Make sure you're staying on top of your game! Sign up for Ascender alerts to stay in the loop.

"Sales is a game of inches and it’s important for me to give myself every advantage I can. Ascender helps me stay on top of my game and provides me the tools I need to position my solutions in a way that demonstrates value for my customers."

"The (MEDDICC) training was instrumental in understanding and following key milestones for my customers, as well as identifying the key roles in my customer organization.

It was also critical to helping to understand what can happen when we don’t follow the methodology."

"The MEDDICC Certification provided me valuable insight on how to slow down, so I could eventually move faster with the qualification process. I'm optimizing the buyers' time in discovery and defining accurate decision criteria with them to align tailored solutions."
Michael Christian, Business Development Director @ Stratagon
Michael Kervin, Strategic Account Director
Francesco Mometto, Senior Business Development Manager