Reimbursement Email Template

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The sales education we provide benefits you and your company.

Use our customizable template to start the conversation with your manager about investing in your career growth.

Copy and paste the text below. 


I'd like to take advantage of Force Management's new subscription offering for salespeople - Ascender. The platform is geared towards people who carry a quota like myself and provides courses and content to help ensure I excel this year.

Right now, the platform is $499 per year. There are three main ways this platform will provide myself and my company value:

  1. The platform will improve my ability to qualify deals in and out of the pipeline through several sales qualification courses. There is a MEDDICC certification I will also be able to take advantage of. 
  2. Ascender offers courses to help me better preserve margin in my deals and maximize the use of internal resources to help ensure I can command a premium price for our solutions.
  3. The offerings provide an avenue to continuously improve as {title} at {company}. The subscription plan provides courses, but also access to a community and regularly updated content to keep best practices top of mind every week.

Force has trained salespeople at some of the most successful technology companies for nearly 20 years. Their methodologies are highly regarded in our space and I welcome the opportunity to further my sales training on the platform.

Feel free to check out their website for more information.



Want to learn more before asking your company for reimbursement?

We want you to feel confident in the value of our sales education platform as you begin the conversation with your employer. 

You're willing to put in the time. Are they willing to put in the money?

After all, your success is their success too.